Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained

What was the deeper meaning of the Egyptian Hypocephalus, funerary amulet and how is it, in a symbolic sense, an Egyptian counterpart to the Bush Barrow Lozenge of Southern England?

Hebrew codes

What measurement standards and Sabbatical calendar methods were employed by the Hebrews and how was Hebrew knowledge linked to both the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge?

The Tabernacle Encampment, Positions and Ensigns

How does the Bible interlace profound astronomical and calendar codes into its superficial narrative and how does Moses demonstrate ancient, sacred geometric principles in assigning the "camping positions" of the 12 Tribes?

The Bush Barrow Lozenge and the Urim and Thummin

What was the Bush Barrow Lozenge artefact, found in a Tumulus mound near to Stonehenge and how is it similar to the Urim and Thummin, carried in an ephod vest by Hebrew priests?

Stonehenge, The Brasen Sea and The Waitapu Observatory

What was the true purpose of Stonehenge and the function of its intricate geometry? How is Stonehenge mathematically linked to The Brasen Sea structure of Solomon's Temple or to the Waitapu Observatory in New Zealand?

The Great Pyramid, located in the Stonehenge Geometry

What was the inspiration behind the chosen dimensions of Stonehenge and why is there a clearly marked, scaled, two-dimensional representation of the Great Pyramid within the site layout of Stonehenge?

The Trilithon of Tonga-tapu

The Islands of the South Pacific are covered with enigmatic, cut stone or earth mound structures that duplicate both measurement increments and calendar codes of the great civilisations of antiquity. What are the codes of the Tongan Trilithon?

The High Seas, Barriers or Highways?

Isolationist historians state that civilisations developed in isolation because they could not traverse the world's oceans. Diffusionist scholars say that the oceans were highways, not barriers. What was the true state of ancient maritime development and navigational ability?

The Menhir computer
at Carnac

Why did the ancient inhabitants of Brittany erect 1100 obelisks (up to 300 tons in weight) in 11 rows across the heathland near Le Ménec (Carnac)? What is the secret to unlocking the codes of Carnac and how does this Breton site work?

Herodotus and the
Pyramid Acre

Herodotus, the Greek historian, visited Egypt and recorded two measurement attributes of the Great Pyramid, as conveyed by Egyptian priests. Although modern Egyptologists have rejected Herodotus's statements, he was totally correct on both counts.

3,4,5 Triangulation at Stonehenge

Was Pythagoras the discoverer of 3,4,5 triangulation or was this mathematical principle used millenniums ahead of his time? How are 3,4,5 triangulation and the "corrected" Megalithic Yard measurement demonstrated at both the Stonehenge and Mt. Pleasant Observatories?