MhorruairidhExiled Vikings from Scotland in New Zealand circa 1200

Megalithic Mysteries

A photo-guide to stone circles and other prehistoric sites with high-quality images, including many aerial photographs.

Alternative History DirectorySite containing over 200 links to alternative history material.
StonepagesInformation and pictures of circles in France, Italy, Ireland and the UK
MegalithiaSites around the uk, includes a history of Stonehenge showing phases of construction over time.
Stoneprint.Barry Brailsfords Waitaha and related research site.
Awarenessquest. Anomalous Australian history site.
Viewzone. Phoenicians in the USA and a 3000 year old universal language.
Ancientamerica. Anomalous American history site.
Ultimate List. Alphabetical listing of Anomaly Hunters.
Red Ice Radio.A website dedicated to finding "Truth" in science & history.
Stone CircleCelticnz is a member of
The Stone Circle Webring
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