The Northern
Alignment Sequence

Why did ancient astronomer/ surveyors establish a huge overland alignment complex that ran from selected mountain summits across a vast expanse of Northern New Zealand? Why did they design this sequence to duplicate the star pattern of the Hyades in the constellation of Taurus?

The Triangulation
Site of Puketapu

What was the purpose of the Puketapu "cairn" hill of Northern New Zealand and why does it have a secondary component that clearly relates to overland alignments, similar to methodologies anciently practised in Great Britain?

standing stone circle

Why are there typical, megalithic British, standing stone observatories being found all over New Zealand and what can the Waitapu observatory tell us about the former, pre-Polynesian inhabitants of the South Pacific?

What's up DOC ?

Why has the New Zealand "Department of Conservation" been suppressing knowledge of a huge, pre-Polynesian, stacked stone city in the Waipoua Forest of Northern New Zealand and why was the archaeological report to be withheld from the public for 75 years? (link to 98K .jpg file of copy of official embargo)

New Zealand Domiciles

Why are there thousands of mysterious stone heaps dotting the forest floors of New Zealand and why do many of them still show intricate, "fitted stone" features? Are these collapsed megalithic British type "Beehive Houses? Why are Maori Pa forts an exact duplication of pre-Celtic hill forts

So you want to build a stone circle observatory?

Follow the step by step instructions, based on the geometry found within the Waitapu standing stone observatory, to gain an understanding of how the structure was built.

The Ancient Population

Whose bones truly lie in the burial caves throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand and why has there been a concerted effort to either hide or destroy skeletal evidence?

The Mysterious Crosshouse at Miringa Te Kakara

How do the geometric principles and design features of this mysterious structure show it to contain Northern Hemisphere, astronomical and calendar codes and why was it built to exactly 1/2 the diameter of the Sarsen circle at Stonehenge?

Another look at Si'nim, Greenstone and problem artefacts

Where was the forgotten and remote land of Si'nim? How did Polynesians, without access to metal tools, fashion and shape incredibly hard greenstone or intricately carve wood in distinctly pre-Celtic patterns and styles?

A Chronic Case of
"Catch 22"
How does manipulated, "Indigenous Rights" legislation neutralise scholars and leave them hamstrung and hog-tied, regarding access to artefacts or research materials? How is the abysmal, stagnated state of New Zealand archaeology duplicated in North America?