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It is our intention through this site to promote a frank and open discussion of true ancient history in New Zealand. Politics and the agenda's of racial groupings have no place here. We simply wish to uncover the truth as it relates to the distant past and in doing so know better the land which is our home in the present...

The website's name "Ancient Celtic New Zealand" is taken from the book by Martin Doutré, whose work has provided the wellspring from which it began. Contributions in the form of articles and pictures are welcomed from all researchers who feel they have further pieces to add to the evolving jigsaw.

Excavations carried out in the UK at Boxgrove Quarry have produced human skeletal remains, stone tools and bones from animals, which provided food including a rhinoceros. The finds have been dated at 500,000 years. In Queensland Australia a mine and substantial harbour attributed to the Phoenicians (est 1,000 B.C.) have recently been uncovered. In N E Brazil new finds indicate the presence of people from the African continent 50,000 years ago and more and more earthworks and circles are being discovered yearly in the USA. Everywhere, it would seem, apart from New Zealand the boundaries of history are receding... an oversight we hope to correct.

Follow the links for a series of new articles concerning the ancient history of New Zealand.

And for details of Martin Doutré's available publications.

Latest essential information: viewzone have a wealth of material concerning a possible ancient universal language (named 'The First Tongue'). Examples of it's script have been located incised in stone on six continents across the globe. We have forwarded pictures of similar markings found in New Zealand and these have tentatively been identified as examples of 'The First Tongue'. Visit to read of these discoveries in Yemen, Australia and the USA etc. Click here to see an example of what we have found in NZ


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