The unfinished pyramid at Zawet el' Aryan lies 18900' @ 153.6-degrees southward of the Great Pyramid's centre-top altar-floor.

This distance is 3.6 Greek miles or 31.25 minutes of Earth circumference arc. The Great Pyramid's side length is 756' or 189' X 4.

The degree angle is also navigational coding and a distance of 153.6-miles would be 1/162nd of the 24883.2-mile equatorial circumference. Remember 1.62 was much used as a "rounded" form of PHI.


The Red Pyramid at Dashur sits 66000' @160-degrees from the altar atop the Great Pyramid.

The sum of 66000' equates to 12.5 English miles or 4 English leagues.


From the Great Pyramid, Khafre and Menkaure, lines run 12.5 English miles (4 leagues) overland and resolve upon the Red Pyramid at Dashur.

From many pyramid complexes to the South of Giza, as well as some to the North, the 3 main pyramids of the Giza Plateau were fully in view. The fact of the matter is that the exact positioning of these Old Kingdom, satellite, stone pyramids was determined by the position of the Great Pyramid's epicentre summit ... despite the fact that our archaeologists continue to argue that these outlier pyramids were built as "experiments" before the Great Pyramid.

Each "outer-marker" pyramid was subjected to the same triangulation analysis and, coupled with the use of logarithmic charts related to changing angles (say quarter or half a degree at a time) the distances to particular spots on the outer landscape could be calculated with very respectable precision.

Whereas each pyramid was a classroom in its own right, based upon its inbuilt dimensions and angles, all of these outliers were also linked mathematically to the Great Pyramid by way of either distance or angle or both.

The reason for this was, as stated, to teach student navigators the principles of trigonometry that they would need for accurate positional plotting on the vast, featureless oceans. The sea is no respecter of persons and does not abide fools well. Anyone venturing out to do traversals of the world's oceans must be very well trained in the art of navigation, or they're probably going to get lost and die.

This very sophisticated Egyptian Pyramid layout, with all "outer-marker" pyramids resolving to a central hub (the Great Pyramid) is a carbon copy of what happened at Avebury Henge in Britain, Brodgar Ring in the Orkney Islands of Scotland or the North American mounds complexes at Cahokia (Illinois) or Madison (Wisconsin).


Near the Red Pyramid is the badly dilapidated White Pyramid, attributed to Amenehat 2. It sits 69120' @ 336-degrees return to the altar atop the Great Pyramid.

The distance of 69120' is a purely navigational value and, under the reading of 24883.2-miles for the equatorial circumference of the Earth, 1-degree of arc is 69.12-miles.

This distance is 1/1890th of the equatorial size of the Earth and it's significant that one side length of the Great Pyramid (756') is 189' X 4.

Several geodetic or navigational lengths of this type needed to be configured and read in Egyptian royal cubits, the largest recorded one of which was 20.736". The sum of 69120' equates to 40,000 Egyptian Royal Cubits.

The return angle of 336-degrees is also navigational coding and 336' is 1/18th of 1-minute of equatorial arc (6048').


The Bent Pyramid at Dashur sits 72900' @ 161-degrees from the centre-top altar of the Great Pyramid.

The distance is 15 so-called Roman miles of 4860'.

It appears that the surveyor-navigators, working atop the Great Pyramid wished to demonstrate a one degree shift, when comparing 12.5 English miles (the Red Pyramid) with 15 Roman miles (the Bent Pyramid). The value 161 has no significance in a mathematical progression and does not generate either navigational or lunar numbers. Its significance lies in the fact that it is a full-degree reading within the 360-degree calendar.

The base length per side of the Bent Pyramid was 618.75', for a full perimeter value of 2475'. This coded the 24750-mile equatorial circumference under the navigational system that used an English mile of 5280'. The official length measurement is 188.6 metres, which translates to 618.75'.

Of course, each of these different navigational systems was being taught to initiate students in this and other far-flung regions of the world long before there were Greek or Roman civilisations. The same measurements are identifiable in the layouts of the ancient megalithic sites and associated mound complexes of Great Britain, Continental Europe and North America, which date to 3000 BC or before. The great stone pyramid and temple structures of South America were built to the same coded dimensions and angles and these selfsame mathematical principles extend across the Pacific to structures at Easter Island, then onwards to New Zealand.

The small pyramid behind sits out 73333.33333' (73333 & 3/10ths). This is part of a mathematical progression in the "11" family of numbers and 73333.33333' is 1/3rd of 220000'. This distance is 1/1782nd of the equatorial circumference (24750 English miles) and the "Y" Holes circle at Stonehenge was 178.2' in diameter.

The original pyramids, built of stone before the dynastic period were like 3-dimensional platonic solids and carried very precise codes in every aspect of their external and internal design.



The Black Pyramid of Dashur sits 73920' @ 157.5-degrees from the surveyor's altar atop the Great Pyramid.

This distance is exactly 14 English miles.

The degree angle constitutes one of the important secondary points of the 360-degree compass, which is commonly divided up into 32nd parts. Under this division the increments go: 11.25, 22.5, 33.75, 45, 56.25, 67.5, 78.75, 90, 101.25, 112.5, 123.75, 135, 146.25, 157.5 degrees respectively, etc.

It will also be remembered that the sum of 157.5' = 1/4th of a Greek Stadia (630').